The top of the South Island has long been an area of enterprise and ingenuity. These are stories about those enterprises - business, farming, fishing, industry; and the infrastructure which has supported them.

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  1. Waimea Plains
    Over the years land use on the Waimea Plains has changed to meet changing markets and lifestyles read more
  2. Picton Cement Works
    Employing up to 40 men, the Picton Cement Works was owned by the Wellington and Marlborough Cement Coal and Lime Company Ltd, and operated between 190... read more
  3. Over a Century of Hops
    The Lines family have been growing hops in Wai-Iti for 17 years. read more
  4. Nelson's power struggle
    Bringing electricity to Nelson in the 19th Century proved problematic. One of the solutions was the Cobb Dam and power scheme. read more
  5. Nelson essentials - water and sewage
    It took a long time for all Nelson residents to be connected to a clean water supply and sewage system. read more
  6. Cousins Clifford and Weld make their mark
    Cousins Charles Clifford and Frederick Weld were enterprising early settlers in the Marlborough district, establishing successful sheep runs, before m... read more
  7. Henry and George Dodson
    New Zealand provided plenty of opportunities for four of Joseph and Isabella Dodson’s nine children to shine, with Thomas and Joseph settling in Nelso... read more