The Māori of Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough have a rich and living history.

This section tells some of the stories about the people and their land- ngā kōrero o te ihu o te waka a Maui. For background information see the Māori history section on Te Ara.

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  1. Kehu - Guide Extraordinaire
    Kehu was greatly admired by the European explorers he guided through the upper South Island... read more
  2. Auckland Point Market
    Matangi Awhio had long been a pa or seasonal camping site when it became a gathering place and lively trading post after European settlement. The sea ... read more
  3. Pa and Kainga
    Ancient pa (fortified settlements) - and kainga (villages) scatter Te Tau Ihu o Waka. European settlers certainly did not arrive in a 'barren social ... read more
  4. Maori Rescues
    A role in which Maori distinguished themselves and to which they seemed to be particularly well-suited by their courage and physical prowess was rescu... read more
  5. Maori Soils
    Maori were skilled farmers. These skills were important in enabling them to exploit trade with early Europeans and also left a legacy of rich, fertile... read more
  6. Maori and Whaling
    Whales have traditionally had cultural significance for Maori, and the European whaling industry became a fruitful source of employment and trade... read more
  7. Maori and Business
    Maori in Te Tau Ihu were already experienced traders when settlers arrived in 1842... read more
  8. The Native Tenths Reserves
    Edward Gibbon Wakefield’s vision of recognising Maori land ownership and of ensuring that any land sold retained a fair and equitable distribution of ... read more
  9. What’s in a name – Wakatu or Whakatu?
    The Maori name for Nelson has two alternative spellings. Wakatu or Whakatu. Neither is wrong, and both spellings have traditions and stories behind th... read more
  10. Myths and Legends
    Ancient stories portray exciting events throughout Te Tau Ihu… read more