The Māori of Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough have a rich and living history.

This section tells some of the stories about the people and their land- ngā kōrero o te ihu o te waka a Maui. For background information see the Māori history section on Te Ara.

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  1. Maori and Gold
    Maori were active participants in the Top of the South gold rushes during the second half of the nineteenth century... read more
  2. Pakohe - Argillite
    Maori of Te Tau Ihu had a very special taonga (treasure) which they were able to use and exploit for trade throughout Aotearoa... read more
  3. Kokowai
    The red ochre, Kokowai, was used for both personal adornment and decoration of artifacts, and Golden Bay provided rich resources of the material..... read more
  4. Vernon Lagoons
    Rangitane at the Wairau River completed one of the major engineering feats of southern Maoridom... read more
  5. Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Aoraki
    The name, Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka, stems from creation myths of earliest Polynesian inhabitants of Aotearoa… read more
  6. The Tangata Whenua Tribes of Te Tau Ihu
    There are eight tribes in the Top of the South Island, Te Tau Ihu, which tells of a rich and complex past, present and future… read more
  7. Te Awatea Hou
    In 1990 a Top of the South Island Waka Taua was built by Te Runanganui o Te Tau Ihu a Maui for the Waitangi Day celebration of New Zealands 150 year... read more
  8. Te Rauparaha’s Account of the Wairau Affray
    Te Rauparaha, a Ngati Toa chief, was one of the key figures of the Wairau Affray. Blamed by the Europeans for a massacre, Te Rauparaha provides the Ma... read more
  9. Whakapapa
    Whakapapa is the bedrock of Maori society. read more
  10. Kupe and the Boulder Bank
    The distinctive Boulder Bank protecting Nelson Haven was named to commemorate exploits during Kupe’s visit to Aotearoa in about 1350. read more