Stories about the places and spaces of the top of the South Island - te tau ihu o te waka.

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  1. Haven Road and Fountain Place
    Haven Road and Fountain Place are historic areas of Nelson. read more
  2. Anzac Park and its surroundings
    Anzac Park, originally known as Milton's Acre, has changed considerably over time, largely because of land reclamation. read more
  3. Alton Street
    Alton Street has a long and varied past, full of interesting places and people - including the once famous Griffins Factory. read more
  4. Streets and Quays of Port Nelson
    What lies behind the names of streets and quays of Port Nelson read more
  5. Bishops School Nelson
    Bishops School in Nelson remains as a place of education, despite closing in 1895 read more
  6. The Anchor Inn
    The original Anchor Inn building was built in 1856 on Haven Road near Auckland Point. read more
  7. Broadgreen House
    Broadgreen House is an excellent example of colonial cob construction and is the largest house of this type to be open to the public. read more
  8. Elliott Street heritage precinct
    Elliott Street in Nelson is one of the earliest, and most complete examples, of state housing in New Zealand. read more
  9. Pioneers Park
    The Park opened in 1929 and has been used for a variety of community purposes read more
  10. Piki mai
    The hilltop overlooking Whakatu is known to Maori as Pikimai, which translates as climb hither. read more