Stories about the places and spaces of the top of the South Island - te tau ihu o te waka.

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  1. Wairau Valley
    The early history of the south side of the Wairau Valley, from the Waihopai Valley to the Wash. read more
  2. St John The Evangelist Church at Hira
    St John the Evangelist Church in Hira was dedicated by Bishop Suter on 27 December1888. read more
  3. Havelock
    Havelock, once the site of the Pa Motuweka, was a goldrush town which, for a short time, nurtured two of New Zealand’s greatest scientists - Sir Ernes... read more
  4. Wakefield's Memorial Riwaka and Puketawai Pā
    A memorial to Captain Wakefield and the early settlers of Riwaka was moved in 2014 as a result of the Te Tauihu Treaty claims settlement. read more
  5. Cullensville
    The abandoned town of Cullensville, which sits at the head of the Mahakipawa Valley about two miles inland from the eastern arm of the head of the Pel... read more
  6. Branford Park and the Richardson holdings
    Branford Park is a popular Nelson reserve, with swimming holes and harvest fruit, but it has a history of conflict over public access. read more
  7. Wakefield street names
    The street and place names of Wakefield, near Nelson, provide an introduction to some of its history. read more
  8. Nelson Hospital
    Nelson’s first hospital was a lean-to attached to the barracks built on Church Hill in the 1840s. read more
  9. Settlement in Stoke
    Stoke was first known as “Brook Green” but renamed by William Songer, who arrived in Nelson in 1841 as Captain Wakefield’s personal attendant, from St... read more
  10. Waimea River Stopbank
    Flooding was a problem along the lower reaches of the Waimea River until the installation of flood gates in 1970. read more